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Are you looking for a qualified teacher who is available to provide lessons tailored to your needs? I am a qualified Spanish and Italian Teacher offering personalized One-on-One Lessons and Group Lessons to students in the Tucson area and anywhere online. I’ve been teaching students of all ages and levels throughout different countries. I love teaching and I am committed to help students discover and reach their full potential.

Teacher Beatriz Castillejo
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My Background

Tailor Made Educational Services

In 1993, I found my passion for helping others as a Language Teacher. I was living in Italy at the time, and offered my services to the many students who reached out for help. Through my years of experience, I have gained the reputation to guarantee great results, and the skills to get my students to excel in the study of the language of their choice.


My name is Beatriz Castillejo, I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 1993 I moved to Italy, where I worked as a Spanish Teacher and Interpreter.  I stayed there for 16 years and in 2009 I returned to my native city to work as an Italian and Spanish Teacher at the Universidad del Norte, Universidad del Atlántico and at the Italian School Galileo Galilei as well.  At the end of 2013 I moved to Tucson, Arizona where I live now.  


I am passionate about both my native Spanish and the Italian language. And not only of the languages but also of their culture, people, traditions, cuisine, folklore, and much more. Through my teaching I can show my students  the incredible variation of the Spanish world and why Italy is called “Il Bel Paese”.


Teacher Education

Bachelor of Science in Psychology



  • ELE Teaching Training

  • New Didactic Technologies

  • Activities of the Module of Information for Foreign Teachers

  • Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language

  • Spanish Language Didactic



  • Adult Education and Substitute

  • Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language


Teacher Experience

Over twenty years of experience in Education in three different countries.

Currently I am studying English and working as a teacher with special needs students.  I am also working for Language Trainers and holding private classes.


I have taught students with a wide array of skill levels. If you need an experienced Language Teacher, feel free to contact me via email or phone, then we can set up an initial evaluation session at your convenience.

What I Offer


Results That Last   ●   Personalized Attention   ●   Customized Lessons to Fit

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“Beatriz is a teacher at heart and loves to share her language, culture and fun with her students. She navigated our different Spanish levels with ease and gave us a solid foundation to pull from. We all enjoyed learning the nuances  from a native with Beatriz.  She is highly recommended.”

John, Madeline & Lief - Tucson, AZ

Student Testimonials

See What My Satisfied Clients Are Saying

Mrs. Beatriz is so great with my two kids! They ask every week when she is coming. I love the way she adds fun to all of their learning adventures together! As a mom watching them interact I cannot recommend  Mrs. Beatriz enough! She has enormous patience and a wonderful way about her that really makes children want to learn. Her teaching my kids to speak Spanish has been the best investment.

Susan Rice

“Beatriz was one of the first people I met when I moved to Barranquilla back in May 2012.  She was my private Spanish teacher at one of the prestigious universities in town.  Not only did she teach me key vocabulary words used in education and psychology, she also gave me the confidence to speak in front of other professionals by providing me feedback and teaching me colloquialisms. Beatriz also connected me with people in town that quickly turned into friendships I still maintain today. I consider her a friend and one of the best Spanish teachers I know!”

Michael Becerra

The classes with Mrs. Beatriz at Universidad del Norte were always motivating. She came up with something new every class, but what I really loved was the fact we learned Italian through art, sports and culture.  Mrs. Beatriz was always very demanding, but she taught me and my classmates to love Italian and feel it and I think that’s the most important if you want to learn a language.

Enzo Gianmmaria

“Ho studiato l’italiano per 4 anni a Barranquilla, Colombia.  Avevo cominciato a studiare perché qualche anno fa ho ricevuto la cittadinanza italiana.  Parlare la lingua mi permette di godermi i miei viaggi, di parlare con le persone e di conoscere meglio la cultura. Ho fatto tutti i livelli del corso all’università del Norte, alcuni dei quali la professoressa Beatriz ha insegnato. Questa esperienza mi ha fatto migliorare e diventare più sicura quando parlo.”

María Fernanda De Los Ríos

"Non avrei mai immaginato che con un"ciao" io riprendessi una vera avventura verso il mondo di una lingua che volevo continuare ad imparare tanto. Per fortuna, non solo mi aspettava una professoressa che conosceva la sua materia, ma anche una persona piena di qualità umane, assicurandosi che tutto andasse bene riguardo al nostro apprendimento. Lei è una persona che non limita il suo ruolo ai quattro muri dell'aula.”

Yair Suárez

"No conocía la lengua española pero me gustaba mucho su sonido armonioso, por lo que decidí aprenderla. Encontré una profesora fantástica que me dio la oportunidad de conocer su cultura a través de su maravilloso idioma. Gracias Beatriz. Eres la mejor."

Marcello Lupo

“Hace casi 7 años que aprendí a hablar español con esta increíble profesora. Gracias por enseñarme a caminar en otro país, por enseñarme la cultura, las costumbres de la gente, la comida, las canciones, etc. También te doy gracias por la gran amistad que me ofrendaste.  Te quiero mucho Beatriz.”  

Marina Silva Fortuna

“Trataba de aprender un nuevo idioma y con Beatriz aprendí mucho más...aprendí a pensar y a vivir una nueva cultura.

Estudié otros idiomas extranjeros y puedo testimoniar que con esta gran profesora, quien es una gran amiga, además de haber aprendido el español he logrado  amarlo.”

Rosamaria Chiappara

“Studying foreign languages has changed my life, I could not imagine the huge impact that Italian, French and English languages would have had on my life and on the people surrounded me. I have been able to visit several countries and learn about their culture. Now I am a language teacher. I really love my profession since I am shaping others' future with my knowledge. Thanks teacher Beatriz for being part of my professional education!”

Yao Arias Acevedo

“Ho seguito il corso di spagnolo tenuto dalla professoressa Beatriz durante i tre anni della scuola media a Palermo. Nonostante siano trascorsi tanti anni, grazie alla metodologia e alla grande competenza della professoressa, riesco ancora oggi a comprendere testi in spagnolo e comunicare con gente spagnola che ho incontrato nella mia città. La professoressa Beatriz è un'eccellente insegnante che si mette a disposizione dell'alunno con garbo e gentilezza, è sicuramente una delle insegnanti migliori che abbia avuto la fortuna di conoscere”.

Noemi Calcaterra

Lesson's Rates

One On One Lessons

$30.00 per hour

The price may vary depending on where the class will take place.

Group Lessons

2 students $50.00 per hour
3 students $60.00 per hour
4 or more students, to be arranged.

The price may vary depending on where the class will take place.

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